Welcome to Cheech's Private Stash

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Now that you’re here, let us tell you a little bit about our philosophy! 

We are a family run business that prides ourselves on providing consistently good quality across all of our products.

We source our high quality cannabis from reputable growers in the community who share the same passion for producing quality products as we do. All of our buds are hand selected and put through rigorous testing protocols where they are judged based on look, smell, taste, and effect. Only the finest flowers are given Cheech’s blessing and put into development.

Our branding and brand presence is a high priority for us, as we want to reflect Cheech’s unique persona in our brand identity as well as engage with our audience. We are open to any and all feedback and do our best to make you feel heard. 

Cheech’s Private Stash is family-owned and operated! Cheech has employed the design skills of his daughter, who is responsible for the overall look of the brand, and the cannabis connoisseurship of his son, who is a very tough judge when it comes to quality control. It is this small family crew that is the heart of the brand and we promise that IT WILL ALWAYS BE GOOD. 

…..or we won’t put it out

Christina Ocampo